コロンビア大学建築学部(Columbia Univ. GSAPP)のアダム・スノー・フランプトン助教授と曽野祐子氏が率いる学生チームと2週間の合同ワークショップを行い、長寿化、高齢化する東京の現状と可能性をリサーチした。本ワークショップは2年計画の1年目という位置付けであり、来年2度目のワークショップを経て、最終的には提案を含めた成果を出版という形でまとめる予定である。


Aging Tokyo
It is said that the population of Tokyo will decrease to 90 million in the next 50 years, and the proportion of people over 65 will be the same as that of the working population. This signifies a transformation in not only social structure and economy, but urban structure and architectural typologies of housing.
We conducted a two-week joint workshop inviting Associate Professor Adam Snow Frampton, Ms. Yuko Sono and a team of 8 students from Columbia University GSAPP to research the current situation and possibilities of longevity and aging of Tokyo. This workshop is positioned as the first of the two-year plan, and after the second workshop next year, the research and proposal will be put together in the form of a publication.

The students split into 4 groups, 3 focusing on specific areas (Sugamo, Takashima-Daira, and Yanaka) and another focusing on the latest urban-type elderly housing. The results were summarized in a booklet along with the final presentation.