McDonald’s Radio University River Tour Berlin & Exhibition at HAU2

McDonald’s Radio Universityは、演出家の高山明氏 (PortB主催)によるプロジェクトである。
建築家Cedric Priceのアンビルトプロジェクト〈Potteries Thinkbelt〉へのオマージュとして、現在難民の避難ルートとなっているバルカン・ルートを、既存の『マクドナルド』の中で難民たちが『教授』となって授業を行う移動する大学「McDonald’s Radio University」としてつなぐ試みである。



また、ベルリンの運河を一周しながら『教授』たちの授業を聞く”McDonald’s Radio University River Tour Berlin”で使用された船のデザインも行なった。

McDonald’s Radio University is a project by the director Akira Takayama (sponsored by PortB).
As a tribute to architect Cedric Price’s ambitious Potteries Thinkbelt project, the project is an attempt to connect the Balkan Route, which is currently a refugee route, with McDonald’s Radio University, a mobile university where refugees serve as “professors” and teach classes within the existing McDonald’s.

Following the exhibition in Frankfurt in the spring of 2017, Kobayashi’s lab created the spatial organization of the exhibition that took place in Berlin from June 21-23, 2018.

In the foyer of the theater HAU2, concept panels from Frankfurt were displayed. At the bar, which was modeled after a McDonald’s counter, earphones with recordings of Frankfurt’s “professors” teaching were offered along with drinks.

He also designed a ship for McDonald’s Radio University River Tour Berlin, a tour of Berlin’s canals to listen to the Professors’ classes.
A tour of the city on a ship modeled after a mac-café, with classes taught by refugee “professors,” provided passengers with an extraordinary experience.

McDonald’s Radio University River Tour Berlin
Akira Takayama / Port B

McDonald’s Radio University River Tour Berlin
Course Syllabus :10 live-lectures(Activism, Animal Studies, Business, Education, Gender Studies, Hygiene,
Medienwissenschaft*, Musik*, Tourism) * in German

MRU exhibition
Venue :HAU Hebbel am Ufer, Stresemannstr,29,10963 Berlin

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