Gordon Matta-Clark : Mutation in Space

Gordon Matta-Clark: Mutation in Spaceとは、東京国立近代美術館にて行われた故Gordon Matta-Clark(1943–1978)の回顧展である。本展示は、彼の彫刻・映像・写真・ドローイング・関連資料など約200点を展示したアジア初の回顧展であり、2018年6月19日から9




Gordon Matta-Clark: Mutation in Space is the retrospective exhibition of Gordon Matta-Clark (1943-1978) at the National Museum of Modern Art, Tokyo(MoMAT). This exhibition is the first retrospective exhibition in Asia that displayed about 200 sculptures, images, photographs, drawings, related materials, etc., and will be held from June 19th to September 17th, 2018.

K2LAB planned the whole composition of the exhibition space which expresses the aspect of the city that he considered problematic under the concept of “Playground”. In addition, he made a 1/8 scale reproduction model of the cut building which is his work and also made Garbage Wall using Tokyo’s garbage.

In Tokyo, where development is going ahead, in preparation for the 2020 Olympic Games, we interpreted how Gordon faced the city and thought about how we would give us a new perspective.

Then, I studied using a model and thought about an exhibition plan that people would actively move.

Each exhibition elements made from materials used at the construction site dismantles the homogeneous exhibition space and links with Gordon’s work , the exhibition plan that connects as a whole will be to the city where you live It will stimulate recognition of .