In April 2018, 15 master students of the Ecole nationale supérieure d’architecture de Versailles(ENSAV) and, Keigo Kobayashi laboratory and Takeshi Yamamura laboratory of the Waseda University Architecture together conducted a workshop for two weeks.
Targeting the Yanaka and Mikawajima areas, we divided into seven groups, which is TOKYO URBAN EVOLUTION, urban voids, THE INFRASTRUCTURAL CITY, THE RESILIENT CITY, A CITY OF HOUSES, THE COMMUNITY CITY, URBAN ANALYSIS OF YANAKA AND MIKAWAJIMA AREAS. It is a workshop which divided into one section, found problems of the city from each cut, and made a construction proposal for it. Each group discovered the most suitable site from city research in the Yanaka / Mikawa island area, and built models and drawings in two weeks. At the final presentation, a discussion meeting was held with Professor Yasutaka Yoshimura of Waseda University, and the design difference with students learning French architecture at the time of collaborative work and presentation revealed the difference in their way of thinking, It was able to objectively capture the features of the design of, and received a good stimulation. As a final output, we summarized the results of the research and the architecture of each group in a brochure.