普段劇場の外で活動するストリートパフォーマーを劇場の中に引き込む際に、「都市はもはや確かな形態を持っておらず、コンポーネントを接続することで現れる」というArchigramのInstant Cityの思想を参照し、都市の中のコンポーネントとして階段・工事現場の単管による構築物・フェンス等を抽出し、劇場に取り込むことで都市の中の空間をつくり上げた。


“Wagner Project” is a 10-day “theater” that combines Richard Wagner’s opera “The Meistersinger of Nuremberg” with street culture such as hip-hop and rap. The project is a collaborative project with director Akira Takayama. Kobayashi Lab is in charge of spatial composition.

Following Yokohama KAAT and Berlin, this time it was realized as a temporary city at the Mousontrum Theater in Frankfurt, Germany.

For pulling street performers who usually work outside the theater into the theater, we referred to the idea of Instant City by Archigram. The city no longer has a certain form, but emerges by connecting components. Stairs, single-pipe structures and fences at construction sites were extracted as components in the city, and incorporated into theaters to create spaces in the city.

During the performance, Wagner Crew learned gradually not only about hip hop but also how to use the space from professional performers. On the last live day, everyone was familiar with the use of space, and a lot of space use happened.